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GreenSpeed Warranty

Greenspeed trikes are designed for everyday use, year in, year out, and should last a lifetime. However they are designed and built by humans, not robots, and if they were designed to be unbreakable, many would complain they were too heavy. Plus in order to meet the ever growing expectations from customers, we have a policy of continuous development so we cannot continue to make the same design forever. Thus while there are many Greenspeed trikes in use today that were built over twenty years ago, the frame warranty for all Greenspeed Trikes is for ten years from the original date of purchase, and is activated by registering your trike on our web site. This warranty only applies to the 1st owner, and if the unthinkable happens, and the original type of frame in no longer available, you may need to upgrade to a later model, and may be charged for any new Greenspeed specific components unique to that frame.

Warranty replacements are limited to faults caused by defective workmanship and materials, and do not include damage due to misuse, overloading, wear and tear, abuse, neglect, faulty assembly, lack of maintenance, modifications, accidents, commercial use, or racing. This warranty does not include the paint/finish, nor attached components, e.g. drive train parts, hubs, rims and tyres, made by other manufactures, e.g. Shimano. These may be covered by the individual manufactures and are normally for one year.

Any warranty claims must be presented to the place of purchase. Greenspeed reserves the right examine any faulty component to establish the cause of failure, and the right to elect to repair or replace. The owner shall be responsible for any labour, transport or travel costs associated with the repair or replacement. In order for Greenspeed and its partners to examine and learn from any failures, the damaged part must be returned to Greenspeed as a condition of this warranty. However Greenspeed will provide free return shipping of any warranty replacement part or repaired part.

Like driving a car or riding a bike, riding a trike can result in injury or death, especially if due care is not exercised. Thus by riding a Greenspeed trike the rider is assuming full responsibility for any injury and/or damage to property which may arise, and shall indemnify Greenspeed from any resulting financial loss. Thus Greenspeed shall not be responsible for any injuries, damages or losses, financial, emotional, or any other type whatsoever, without limitation, arising from the performance of our machines, to the owner or any 3rd party.

Greenspeed is solely focused on getting more people riding, in preference to driving to reduce the pollution on our small planet, and to improve the physical health and wellbeing of our customers. So if you feel you have a warranty issue, please contact your dealer or us, and we will do the best we can to fix it.

Warranty Registration Form

In order for Greenspeed to better support you, we need to know more about you, what you use your trike for, and what else we can do can do for you. So please fill in the form, and give us any comments. We will not share your information with anybody else.

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